Learn about collecting beachcast seaweeds

If you are interested in collecting particularly round the Wairarapa and Hawkes Bay coastlines then please get in touch. There are still places where it is being missed.

If you think it could be a viable option for you and once you have seen and understood what it is about, we guide you through the set up process around the permit and reporting.  

Then when you've got going, we arrange a meet up to weigh up and pay you for your dried seaweeds.   Quality is important so we check as we go. Sand and foreign matter not wanted. Also replacing any sacks or fadges.

You will need a place to dry the seaweed, preferably with some sunshine and wind to speed things up.  You may need to turn it over at some point on your racks or lines to finish the job.  Storing it off the floor once dry, and covered as it can pick up moisture very easily, and keeping species separated .

Over time you get used to the tides, times and conditions that are optimum for your locations.

If you want to know more please contact by email laura@simplyseaweed.co.nz or phone 0275443443.

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